2014              GL Flow formed a Pressure Sensors Divisions, manufacturing specialised Sensors for a                               renowned instrument Company.

2002              Kevin Belsham (Managing Director) undertook a Management Buyout of Emo Limited and                           formed GL Flow Limited, manufacturing Turbine Flowmeters.

1999              Established a partnership with Fluidwell in Veghel, The Netherlands.

1994              Kevin Belsham joined Emo Limited ( a Plastic Injection Tooling Company) and set up a                                 Turbine Flowmeter manufacturing Unit, having previously worked for Schlumberger in                                   Manchester and various other locations including Paris and Lisbon.  

Jamie                Harry                Kevin                   Charlie

GL Flow is a British owned company based in Manchester, who manufacture and sell Turbine Flowmeters and Specialised Pressure Sensors worldwide.

Brief History


Jamie Barlow                Manufacturing Manager

Harry Dalton                 Operative / IT 

Kevin Belsham              Managing Director  

Charlie Barraclough       Operative / Special

The Team